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short story cendrillon

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There once was a gentleman who married his second wife a woman, the haughty and proud that we had ever seen. She had two daughters of his mood, and looked him in all things. The husband had also a girl, but a gentleness and kindness unprecedented; she held it to his mother, who was the best person in the world. The wedding was not made earlier, that the stepmother did break his bad mood, she could not suffer the good qualities of this young child, which made her daughters even more heinous. She asked the most vile occupation of the house: she was cleaning dishes and mounted, which rubbed room Madam, Ladies and those of her daughters, she slept at the top of the home, in an attic, a nasty bench, while his sisters were in rooms with parquet floor, where they had more beds in fashion, and mirrors, where they were from the foot to the head. The poor suffered any rifle with patience, and dared to complain to his father, who would grondée because his wife ruled entirely.

When did his book, It goes to the corner of the fireplace, and sit in the ash, making the so-called common in the home Culcendron. The youngest, who was not so dishonest as its predecessor, called Cinderella, but Cinderella, with its bad habits, did not to be a hundred times more beautiful than her sisters, though very beautifully dressed.

It happened that the son of the king gave a ball, and he asked all people of quality in our two ladies were also invited, as they were leading figure in the country. And they're well off and well employed to choose the clothes and hairstyles that siéraient best; new sentence Cinderella because she was ironing clothes for her sisters and their godronnait headlines. It spoke only of how to dress. Me, "said the eldest, I put my dress and my red velvet lining of England. Me, "said the youngest, I did my regular skirt, but as a reward, I put my coat with flowers of gold and diamonds my fence, which is not the most indifferent.

It sent quérir good hairdresser, to make cones for two rows, and we did buy the right fly Faiseuse: Cinderella they called asking for his opinion because it had the good taste. Cinderella advised the best in the world, and even offered to hair, well what they wanted. In the hair, they told him, Cinderella, would you be very glad to go to the Ball? Alas, ladies, you kidding me, this is not what I need. You're right, you laugh if you saw a Culcendron go Bal. Another Cinderella that would have capped the cross, but it was good, and headdresses perfectly. They were transported with joy. It broke more than a dozen switchbacks to force them to tighten the small menu, and they were always in front of their mirror.

Finally came the happy days, we went, and Cinderella eyes followed them as long as she could, when it saw more, she began to cry. His Marraine affects all in tears, asked her what she had. I would like to ... I would like to ... She was crying so hard she could not complete. His Marraine, which was Fée, he said: You would like to go to Ball, is not it? Unfortunately yes, Cinderella said with a sigh. Well, would you be good girl? said her Godmother, I'll will go. She led in her room and said:
Go into the garden and bring me a pumpkin. Cinderella went immediately pick the best she could find and bring to its Marraine, which can not guess how this pumpkin could make the ball go. His Marraine the digging and had left the bark, hit his stick, and pumpkin was immediately turned into a beautiful coach any gold. Then she went to look in her mousetrap, where she found six mice all want it told Cinderella to lift a little of the mouse trap, and each mouse was leaving, she gave him a blow wand, and the mouse was immediately turned into a beautiful horse, which was a good team of six horses, a beautiful gray mouse pommelé. As it was hardly what she would Check: I see, Cinderella said, if there was any point in the rat dobby, we will check. You're right, said its sponsor, will see. Cinderella brought him the dobby, where there were three big rats. Fairy took one of the three, because of his mistress beard, and affecting, it was turned into a big check, which had one of the best mustaches ever seen. Then she said, Go into the garden, you'll find six lizards behind the watering can, bring them to me. It does not had earlier made the Marraine change in six Laquais, who immediately went behind the coach chamarrés with their habits, and those were attached, as if n'eussent is something else all their lives. Fairy said to Cinderella: Well, that's what going to the ball, you're not comfortable?

Yes, but is that as I go with my nasty habits? His Marraine that did touch with his baton, while his clothes were changed clothes in cloth of gold and silver chamarrés stones, and then gave him a pair of glass slippers, the prettiest the world. When she was ready and it went up in coach, but his recommendations Marraine him on all things not to go midnight, warning that if the ball remained a moment more, his coach would return pumpkin, her horses mice, its lackeys lizards, and old habits resume their initial form.

She promised her Godmother she would not fail to leave the ball before midnight. She left, did not feel joy. The Son of the King, we know it went just get a big Princess knew that point, ran to receive it gave him to hand down the coach, and led in the room was the company. He then made a great silence, we stopped dancing and violins played no more, so we were careful to contemplate the great beauties of this unknown. We heard a noise confused: Ah, it's beautiful! King even while he was old, did not to look and say to themselves to the Queen that he had had long been a beautiful and kind person. All ladies were careful to treat his hair and his clothes, to have the day after similar, provided it is trouvât quite beautiful fabrics, and fairly skilled workers. The Son of King put in place the most honorable, and then took the lead for the dance.

She danced with such grace, that admiration further. We made a very good snack, which the young Prince ate no point, as he was busy considering. She went to sit with her sisters, and their fit miles honesty: it made them part of oranges and lemons that the Prince had given him, which surprisingly strong, because they knew the point. When causing Cinderella heard ringing eleven three-quarter hours it was so much reverence to the company, and went as fast as she could. Upon arrival she was, she went to her Godmother, and after being thanked, she said she would go the next day at Bal, because the Son of the King was asked. As she was busy telling his Marraine everything that had happened to Ball, the two sisters met with the door open alla their Cinderella.

Whether you are a long time to come back! said she yawned and rubbed his eyes, and stretching as if she had done that to wake up and it had not wanted to sleep since they had left. If you had come to the ball, "said a sister, you do not'll be bored: there came the most beautiful Princess, the best we could ever see, it made us courtesies miles, it gave us oranges and lemons. Cinderella did not feel joy: she asked them the name of the Princess, but they replied that he does not know that the Son of the King was very hard, and give everything in the world know who she was. Cinderella smiled and said: "It was very beautiful? My God, you're happy, I could not see the point? Alas! Miss Javotte, lend me your yellow dress that you turn every day. Really, Miss Javotte said, I am of the opinion, lend your a nasty habit Culcendron like this: should I was crazy good. Cinderella expectation is denied, and she was very glad, because it would have been greatly embarrassed if her sister would have wanted to lend his coat. The next day the two sisters were at the ball, and Cinderella, but even more, because the first time. The Son of the King was always with her and kept telling him sweets and the young lady not bored point, and forgot that he had recommended Marraine, so that sound heard the first shot of midnight, when it did not believe it was still eleven hours:

she got up and ran slightly allegedly made a doe: Prince ensued, but he could not catch, but dropped one of her glass slippers, that Prince got good care.

Cinderella came home much momentum, but coach without lackeys, and its bad habits, nothing remained of him all his magnificence that one of its small slippers, similar to the one it had dropped. We asked the guards the gate of the palace they had seen out a Princess, and they said they had seen out person, a young girl dressed poorly and had more the look a farmer with a Damselfly. When her two sisters returned Ball, Cinderella asked them whether they had even entertained, and the beautiful lady was there and they said yes, but had fled when midnight had come, and if she promptly dropped a small glass slippers, the prettiest of the world that the Son of the King had picked up, and he had that look throughout the rest of the ball, and qu'assurément it was very in love with the beautiful person who owned the small slipper.

They say true, because a few days later, the Son of King fit to publish his trompe that marry the one foot would be nice just slipper. We began to try to Princesses, then the Duchesses and the Court, but to no avail. It brought home the two sisters who did their utmost to get their foot in the slipper, but they could not come to the end. Cinderella who looked, and acknowledged pantoufle, said with a laugh: What I see if it does not good, her sisters began to laugh and make fun of her. The gentleman who was the trial of the slipper, having looked carefully Cinderella, and finding it very nice, said it was fair, and that he had ordered to try to all girls. He sit Cinderella slipper and approaching his foot, he saw that it came easily, and it was just like wax. The astonishment of the two sisters was great, but even greater when Cinderella pulled out of his pocket the other small pantoufle she began her foot. Hereupon came the Marraine, which have given a shot of his stick on the clothes of Cinderella made them become even more beautiful than any other.

His two sisters recognized for the beautiful person they had seen the ball. They threw at his feet asking for forgiveness from all the abuse they had made him suffer. Cinderella statements, and said, by embracing it forgave their good heart, and she prayed to love many times. On the threat to the young Prince, dressed as it was, he found even more beautiful than ever, and few days later, he married her. Cinderella was as good as beautiful, fit house his two sisters at the Palace, and soon married the same day at two Lords of the Court.


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